FDA Approves New Magnet Device to Treat Migraines December 16, 2013

User presses button to release pulse of magnetic energy that may help ease headache

First Device to Treat Migraine With Aura Approved December 16, 2013

Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator emits magnetic pulse that may ease symptoms

Health Tip: Prevent Headaches in Teens December 4, 2013

Enough regular sleep can help

Nasal Allergies, Hay Fever Tied to More Migraines in Study November 26, 2013

But it's unknown if allergic conditions bring on headache or vice versa, researcher says

As More Meningitis Cases Hit Colleges, Experts Urge Awareness November 26, 2013

Symptoms include sudden fever, headache, neck stiffness, vomiting and sensitivity to light

What Not to Do for Migraines November 21, 2013

Experts issue new guidelines to avoid unnecessary tests, risky treatments

Headaches Accompanying Lupus Often Not Disease-Related, Study Finds October 28, 2013

Nor are they linked to medical treatment, researchers say

Migraines Tied to Raised Risk of Depression, Suicidal Thoughts October 25, 2013

Canadian study found younger adults were most vulnerable

Concussion Symptoms May Not Differ in Teen, Young Adult Athletes September 24, 2013

But study authors say recovery period might vary

New Tool May Help Identify Deadly Brain Bleed September 24, 2013

Goal is to help ER doctors make accurate diagnosis